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The aim of our experienced team is to attend to the needs of individuals, corporations and start-ups engaged in the cryptocurrency & blockchain environment and community. Our team has acted as a consultant for clients in overcoming regulatory complexities, as well as in choosing the most suitable jurisdiction to harbour their operations.

Disputes over cryptocurrency are on the rise; In contrast to the usual expectations and issues arising in relation to the resolution of disputes, there are particular considerations that arise more critically in crypto-related disputes.

We can advise on a variety of blockchain and cryptocurrency related matters, particularly with:

  • General advisory on trading, exchange and investments in crypto-currency
  • Consultation and guidance related to choosing the most suitable jurisdiction for the company‚Äôs needs
  • Setting up licensed crypto-currency exchanges in Cyprus (CASP) or other jurisdictions
  • Advisory on the changing regulatory landscape for cryptocurrency and blockchain (on a retainer basis)
  • Assistance in implementation of crypto-currency solutions within existing businesses
  • Assistance with international banking and electronic payment solutions
  • Advise on token issuance or STO projects and post-STO issues such as token management, trading, storage and processing
  • KYC, AML, compliance and GDPR services
  • Helping clients procure, protect and deploy their intellectual property
  • Advising as to applicable taxation implications
  • Drafting and reviewing of all types of commercial agreements.

Furthermore, we can also assist with digital asset & crypto recovery disputes, particularly with:

  • Tracing, preservation and recovery of tokens and other digital assets.
  • Seeking and obtaining court orders for disclosure against unknown persons (often hackers or scammers) and obtaining freezing orders against those persons and any accounts and wallets associated with them.
  • Claiming for the recovery of stolen assets, including where the defendants are initially unknown.
  • Recovering digital assets from centralised cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Advising on the winding down and liquidation of corporate entities with investments in cryptocurrency.
  • Liaising with exchanges, token issuers and law enforcement agencies with a view to identifying and achieving the quickest and most effective route to recovery of assets.
  • Advising on disputes regarding the rights in NFT and their marketability.

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