E & G Economides LLC is a top-tier fast growing law firm based in Limassol, Cyprus, which also maintains an office in Moscow, Russia.  The firm is composed of an exclusive team of specialised advocates with extensive know-how in selected practice areas. Focusing on our core specialisations and catering to the particular needs of our clients serves as the basis upon which E & G Economides was founded and gradually evolved. Renowned for our practical approach and swift responsiveness has seen the firm garner the respect of a rapidly expanding global client base. 

Our clients include high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, multinational corporations, magic and silver circle law firms, tax firms, banking and credit institutions, blue-chip and financial services firms, private equity funds and shipping institutions; of an international level.   

In attending to our clients’ global interests, we are frequently mandated to cooperate with international law firms on multijurisdictional projects/cross-border engagements. Such assignments have been pivotal to our firm acquiring a global perspective and have brought us in close cooperation with a number of law firms worldwide. 

We are also the firm of choice for many law offices abroad and maintain an active collaborative network of international associates.


Why choose Economides?

We treat each client as if they were our only client. We know each client by first name, not by file number. We endeavor to respond to all forms of communication and urgent legal queries within the tightest of timeframes, and our legal team strives to make themselves available at all times so as to handle all client matters as they arise.  

Our firm is structured in a way that enables you to have access to an entire spectrum of legal areas through our team of multi-practice advocates and professionals.  We are also flexible in that we are able to provide our clients with a specialised team that is tailored to meet their unique requirements.

What are your main fields of practice?

From its inception, E & G Economides has been a corporate law firm specialising in Corporate, Commercial, Tax and Trusts matters.  As the firm has grown however, our scope of services and specialisations have extended to include Litigation, Immigration, Capital Markets and Investment funds, amongst others.

What type of litigation cases does your law firm handle?

Our trial advocates can advise on and provide support in Commercial, Tort, Criminal, Family, Employment, Property and Administrative litigation proceedings within Cyprus courts.

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